“As Investors, we make active investment decisions to add value within
our clients’ portfolios and our discretionary funds.”

Morgan Creek Capital Management, LLC is a SEC registered investment adviser providing investment management services to institutions and wealthy families. We provide a customized investment solution to clients in need of a targeted investment program, as well as discretionary strategies to assist clients in building investment programs based on the University Endowment Model.

Morgan Creek was founded in July 2004 by Mark W. Yusko, former Chief Investment Officer of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (“UNC”) Endowment. The core of the Morgan Creek investment team has worked together in a fiduciary capacity for many years managing one of the most complex endowment management programs in the country. Mr. Yusko and Managing Director, Mike Hennessy, were responsible for building the Investment Office and subsequent Management Company operations for the UNC Endowment, and they worked closely with the Investment Fund Board to develop an investment policy, set goals and objectives, establish a strategic framework, select investment managers and manage portfolio risk.

Nearly a quarter of our investment team have endowment backgrounds at some of the top university programs in the country (Notre Dame, UNC, Duke and Stanford), while other members of the team have institutional and private wealth investment experience. We believe this combination of experiences has provided the firm with one of the strongest investment teams in the world.

At Morgan Creek, we believe that we are first and foremost investors, not simply allocators of capital. As investors, we make active investment decisions to add value within our clients’ portfolios and our discretionary funds. These investment decisions and active asset allocation shift based upon our views of the economy and market environment.

Morgan Creek offers other competitive advantages and differentiators such as:

  Experience managing assets in a fiduciary capacity

  Knowledge in alternative assets

  Access to what we consider to be top-tier managers

  World-class globally-based investment team

Meet Morgan Creek and CIO Mark W. Yusko