Investment Themes

Morgan Creek's core macroeconomic themes are identified and routinely debated...
Morgan Creek's core macroeconomic themes, which are identified and routinely debated by the Investment Team, drive the firm's asset allocation and portfolio construction processes. In keeping with Morgan Creek's Endowment Model philosophy, these secular trends are long-term in nature; themes are expected to develop over a five- to ten-year horizon. As part of our investment committee process, we develop secular themes that help us determine where we believe the "tailwinds" in the markets/economy are the strongest. These themes also significantly influence our asset allocation. Our asset allocation policy is reviewed periodically for continued relevance and focus; while substantive changes are infrequent, they occur at the demand of the market environment. To allow flexibility in the short-term, we do have tactical ranges for each asset class.
In the healthcare sector, we believe a number of significant trends exist that support strong gains in the coming years. An aging global population in the developed world, coupled with the emergence of healthcare services infrastructure in the develo..
Morgan Creek believes that the energy and natural resources sector provides a compelling long-term investment opportunity given supportive fundamentals. On the demand side, we believe the rapid economic expansion in emerging markets, particularly in ..
The rapid growth of the middle class in Asia, has catalyzed consumer demand.  We believe this domestic demand story will continue, and even accelerate, fueled by increasing credit penetration and mortgage lending...
Currently, emerging economies account for a larger share of global GDP, corporate revenues, and profits than is reflected in the market capitalization of global equity markets, a gap that we expect to narrow in the coming years as wealth follows Demo..